Today marks a milestone in Ali Farag’s career as it sees him become the Squash World No.1 for the first time.

In a unique turn of events, Farag has known he will become World No.1 for over a month after he triumphed at the Tournament of Champions in January. This wasn’t enough to take him to the World No.1 in February because he still had to outperform Mohamed ElShorbagy at the Windy City Open that takes place in February. However, since the World Championships are taking place right now in Chicago, the Windy City Open is removed from the schedule and so all the players who took part last year lose their points from that tournament. Since it was won by Elshorbagy in 2018, he loses more points than Farag and thereofre Ali Farag has now successfully passed him on points. With the 1st of the month upon us the PSA have updated their rankings and officially crowned Ali Farag the No.1 player in the world.

It has been a stellar season for the Egyptian as he leads the pack on the road to the season ending finals in Dubai. He has won 3 tournaments – The Oracle Netsuite Open in San Francisco, the Qatar Open and the Tournament of Champions. This has been combined with runs in all other tournaments to at least the semi-finals or better.

Farag has claimed that his goal is to be the World No.1 at the end of the season, so his work isn’t done yet. However, it is a great leap forward for the Egyptian star and the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication.

On behalf of Dunlop we all want to say a huge Congratulations!