Dunlop has unveiled its new super premium CX Series tennis racket range, its most technologically advanced to date and with it, it’s Journey For Perfection campaign.

The campaign concept originated from the amount of detail that has gone into developing the new CX Series rackets. From the level of precision engineering that has gone into accommodating for every possible player need. All in the strive to perfect the technical aspects of the game.

Journey for Perfection is based on the shared love of the game, which united Dunlop players. And the joint understanding that achieving perfection is a journey.

Powered by Srixon technology, the CX Series has been developed over the past 18 months to provide users with increased power, comfort and control.

The CX Series is designed for the modern player, with Dunlop’s research and development team identifying that many performance rackets are under powered towards the top of the racket. Modern day players now hit the ball with more spin, and at the top of the racket as opposed to the centre. Dunlop has designed the CX Series to have a 30% larger sweet spot, so players can play with more confidence, particularly on off-centre hits.

The CX Series is endorsed by Dunlop’s Tour Team players including multiple Grand Slam finalist Kevin Anderson and Jamie Murray, Heather Watson and Taylor Townsend, who will use the rackets during the 2019 season.

“The CX Series is our flagship racket launch for 2019 and has been designed solely with the players’ needs in mind,” said Kiyoshi Ikawa, Head of Product Planning & Promotion for SRI. “We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality products available and the CX Series features the latest technology. The new range has options for players of all ages and abilities, providing them with increased power, control and spin, as well as a larger sweet spot, to help players nurture their ability and fuel their love and passion for tennis.”

The CX 200 Tour 18×20 is available for Pre-Order now and available form the 15th November. The rest of the range is available from January 1st. See more here